Step 1 :

You must have daum account. how to make it?  please visit this blog : Link

cr : http://daumfancafe.tumblr.com

Step 2 :

visit GOT7 Official daum fancafe : http://cafe.daum.net/GOT7Official

Step 3 :

You Have to Join GOT7  Daum Fancafe :


  • Click  “카페 가입하기”.
  • Click the checkbox to accept the terms & conditions.
  • Fill the form (enter ur Nickname, checklist the “전체 메일”  and enter the captcha), Click “가입” to continue.
  • you will have a confirmation that u’ve successfully joined the fancafe, then click “확인”.

you have to notice about nickname rules!!  PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES!


Step 4 :

How to level up ?


after click the level up button please fill the form and answer the question!



here’s the explanation in english :

정보 : 본인의 이름/ 나이/ 성별/지역/다음 아이디/회원정보 공개/전체메일 받음

(Information: your name/age/ gender/Region (For International fans you can write your Country)/Daum ID/Just Paste This: 회원정보 공개/전체메일 받음

** “원정보공개” is state that you give them permission to share your membership info to the fancafe manager.

** “전체메일 받음” is state to receive the group email.

질문 (Question) :
1) GOT7 멤버의 이름/생년월일(YY.MM.DD)을 순서대로 작성하세요.? 

[Please write GOT7 Member’s Name/Date of birth (YY.MM.DD) by order]

***descending order

2) GOT7 1st 정규앨범 Identify의 수록곡을 모두 작성하세요.

[Please fill all of the song from GOT7’s 1st Album Identify]

***Songs also must be in order of the tracklist

3) “말할 때마다 내 팔을 살짝 잡아”
위 가사가 포함된 곡의 앨범명, 트랙번호, 노래 제목, 파트를 부른 멤버의 이름을 작성하세요.

[“this is part of lyrics” . From the lyrics above, please fill out what is the title of the album, Tracklist number, Song Title, and which member sang that part.]

ex)  [this is the example answer]

정보 : 박진영/21/여/서울/jypgot7/회원정보 공개/전체메일 받음 , or 

[정보 :  Jin Young Park/21/Female/Seoul/jypgot7(this is your daumID)/회원정보 공개/전체메일 받음]

질문 [Question] :

1) 마크/93.09.04 / JB/94.01.06 / 잭슨/94.03.28 / Jr./94.09.22 / 영재/96.09.17 / 뱀뱀/97.05.02 / 유겸/97.11.17

2)  하지하지마/Gimme/손이 가/너란 Girl/그냥 오늘 밤/볼륨을 올려줘/그대로 있어도 돼/달빛/She’s a monster/Girls Girls Girls/A

3) Identify/트랙 1/하지하지마/영재

**Write in korean will be more easier for fancafe managers to read ur message, but It’s okay if u write in english.



Step 5 :

To Check  if you’re already Leveled up or not

  1. Click the 내정보 tab.
  2. Your Icon changed to brown hair (I f you’re not leveled up still grey Like Jb’s Debut Hair xp).
  3. Check under ur name, if 정회원 that means you already completed your level up!, but if  준회원 u are not leveled up yet.

Leveled Up

If you are done, you can open this thread, and you can send or read letter from GOT7  :


If you are not leveled up, check 등업리턴 , find out what’s the wrong answer and fixed it, then submit again.

(**when it is in 등업리턴 you can’t edit it . Just write another one.)



AND if there is something wrong with this tutorial pls kindly tell us. Thank You ^^

93 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] HOW TO JOIN GOT7 DAUM FANCAFE + Level UP (UPDATED 15.01.14)

  1. i just made daum id and i have to join in GOT7 fanclub .bt when u say aboveto do that (Click “카페 가입하기”.).i did the same and there is a compse box(like a writing box or when we write mail in compose box)that type of box come ..so what should i write there.that part is so confusing part .plss help me..and when i open some e.gclick on{ Youngja bday} then it is something write in hangul{회원님은 현재 준회원이세요. 이 게시판은 정회원 이상 읽기 가능해요.
    등업신청 관련 게시판을 통해 신청하거나, 카페 활동을 열심히 하셔서 회원 등급을 올려보세요.

    이 카페 회원 등급 보기▶ } what is that plzzz explain me..

    1. Before u join the fancafe, U must login with ur daum account first. Or After u click “카페 가입하기” you will redicted to Login Daum page. Type ur daum ID & Password in the compose box. For thread youngjae bday it means that section only for member fancafe who already levelled up.

  2. is it ok to copy this sentence (회원정보 공개/전체메일 받음).because as a non korean we all write informatin in english bt if we copy this word in korean then they will know we just copy the answer frm any links..so is it ok to write ?

  3. [서포터즈] 민주 14.09.18. 19:59
    2번문항 다시 작성해주세요. on 17th sept 2014 i fill all the form and i just recieve a reply ..wat that mean?i have to write again or wat?plzz help me..

  4. Keisha

    i’m going to try and ask for help again because i’ve legit been trying to level up since july xD I have no idea what i am doing wrong, nor do i ever get a reply from the staff so i’m just as confussed as i was 3 months ago lol

    i would be over the moon if you (or anyone else) could help me out! xx

  5. Dani

    I submitted the level up thing a few weeks ago and the icon next to my nickname still has grey hair, but underneath it says “준회원”, does that mean i’m leveled up or not?

  6. Elaine

    Hi! I just requested a level up in the fancafe though, how many minutes should I wait to see if I have levelled up?

    Also, they changed the questions:
    1) The members which is the first question here
    2) Identify tracklist
    3) A part from Stop Stop It, and you will be asked if which album it is from, tracklist #, song and which member sang the part

    1. there’s no exact time.. just wait patiently.. but since JYPE open FANS fanpage, these days the boys often visited Fans instead of fancafe.

      Ahhh i see thank you for ur information ^^


    The compose box doesn’t work for me. It says “쓰기권한이 없습니다”, So I can’t type anything. HELP PLEASE!

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