JB’s Profile

Name: JB (제이비) | Im Jae Bum

Date of Birth: 1994.01.06

Height: 179cm

Weight: 66kg

Education: Konkuk University (건국대학교) And Film Student

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Bus Travel, Watching Movies, Airing, Find Place Around, Taking Picture

Specialty: B-Boying

Ideal Match: Caught In My Eyes And Cute

Favorite Food: Stew

Favorite Musicians: D’angelo


1. JYPE Trainee Open Recruitment 5th Audition 1st (2009)

2. KBS2 [Dream High2] (2012)

3. JJ Project Single Album (2012)

4. MBC Drama [When a Man falling in Love] (2013)

JB Say: Hello Everyone. I am JB. My real name is Lim Jae-Bum. I will take charge of the GOT’s team leader and the lead vocal. As a bonus, I’m also in charge of Chic (elegant & stylish) image.^^ 
I came in 1st place in JYP 2009 audition!! 
After it’s been 4 years of hard work & preparation, I debuted earlier than my fellow members through [Dream High 2] which was before the release of JJ Project album.
Despite the weaknesses we have, we will guide each other’s and help out up to the end to be a successful team. As well, I’d constantly belief that the team will get along together and go well as seeing GOT7 is just like a family. We are GOT7 yea! Please take care of us. Thank You!



Official Photo: © JYPEntertainment | via: Naver Music

Translated by: followGOT7


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