Jr.’s Profile

Name: Jr. (주니어) | Park Jin Young

Date of Birth: 1994.09.22

Height: 178cm

Weight: 63kg

Education: Graduated Kyunggi High School

Blood Type: O Type

Interest: Watching movies and theater, taking a walk, piano

Specialty: Dancing

Ideal Type: A woman who trusts me and she’s smiles with her teeth are shown

Favorite Foods: Hamburger, Pizza, Meat

Favorite Musician: Justin Timberlake, Usher, Michael Buble.


1. JYPE Trainee Open Recruitment 5th Audition 1st (2009)

2. KBS2 [Dream High2] (2012)

3. JJ Project Single Album (2012)

4. MBC Drama [When a Man falling in Love] (2013)

Jr. Says: Hello everyone. It’s GOT7’s Jr. Park Jin Young. Though during JJ Project’s activity promotions I took in charge of rapping and cute charm image, but now I am in charge of dancing and singing as well as the role of a light energy charger in our team. It’s starting now. I will be the Jr. (Junior) who works hard endlessly. Be sure to stay tuned and take care of us!

9 10

Official Photo: © JYPEntertainment | via: Naver Music

Translated by: followGOT7


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