Mark Profile


Name: Mark Yl-En Tuan

Stage Name: Mark (Hangul: 마크)

Birthday: September 4, 1993

Height: 175 cm (~ 5’ 9”)

Weight: 59 kg (~ 130 lbs)

Education: completed 10th grade in Arcadia High School (California)

Blood Type: A


Hobbies: skateboarding, snowboarding

Specialty: martial arts tricking

Ideal Type: a girl who makes me want to be with her

Favorite Food: hamburger, meat

Favorite Musician: Chris Brown, Drake, ASAP Rocky, Tyga

Instagram: mark_tuan


KT Olleh CF (2011)


He Says: Hello.  I am Mark. I came from Los Angeles in America and am diligently studying Korean. I may be a ‘baby face’, but I am the oldest in the group and in charge of flying around and being the foreigner. Like Kanye West, whom I really like, I want to become a singer, with cool music and stylish fashion, that many people want to emulate, as well as an artist that will lead a generation. From here on, look forward to us on stage!

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