Yugyeom Profile


Name: Kim Yoogyeom (김유겸)

Stage Name: Yoogyeom

Birthday: November 17, 1997

Height: 180 cm (~5’11”)

Weight: 64 kg (~141 lbs)


Education: enrolled for street dance in Hallim High School of Performing Arts

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: dance, singing

Specialty: street dance

Ideal Type: a woman who has a whimsical charm while standing

Favorite Foods: sam gyup sal (grilled pork belly), bulgogi (grilled marinated beef) in an earthen bowl, chicken, kimbab

Favorite Musician: Chris Brown

Position: Vocal, Dancer, Rapper


2nd Place in the Adrenaline House Dance Battle (2011)


Yoogyeom Says: Hello! I am the maknae that does not look like a maknae, Kim Yoogyeom, and am in charge of the group’s dance, singing and rap.  I like dancing and feel most confidence in street dancing.  I am really happy that I get to debut with the hyungs and friends who trained and sweated with me for a while.  I always used to say habitually that it was my dream for us to debut together; I am so happy this dream came true and am thankful towards everyone, including my group.  I will always be happy and glad in my desire to walk the path of a singer forever from now on!  And in a modest way, I will do my best in everything.  Please watch over us~! ^^

Source : http://followgot7.tumblr.com/


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