[TUTORIAL] How to Register for Silver Membership “I GOT7” on Interpark + Level Up


Step 1

You must have Interpark account. How to make it?

  1. Open : http://ticket.interpark.com/Global/Index.asp
  2. Click on sign up button, then submit your email.
  3. Check your mail and verify by click a link to confirm your account on interpark Global.
  4. Fill the sign up form by submit your password, nationality, language, click (I agree) about term of use and click sign up.


Step 2

  1. Sign In.
  2. Click on Concerts tab OR CLICK HERE.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and you will see “GOT7 Official Fanclub 3rd Generation Recruitment – Global
  4. Click Buy Ticket.


Step 3

After you click on buy ticket button, a page will pop out like this:

Click next and you have to fill the delivery/Confirmation Form.

The total amount is depend on where you will ship the cards.

Now, how to pay? as International fans who living outside korea, click on the foreign card option  to pay.

Enter the card information , after that click on the next button.

Then Click agree button  and click next, You will have  a confirmation email with a number, and that’s your confirmation number.



Confirmation number will be use for your level up as official I GOT7.


Step 4


How to apply?

  • Go to FANS
  • Log In






How to know that u are already Levelled up as Official?

1. Your membership will change from USER_I GOT7 to SILVER / GOLD I GOT7.

3. There is a special  lounge  for I GOT7 only,, only official fans can access the page.






89 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] How to Register for Silver Membership “I GOT7” on Interpark + Level Up

  1. Eira

    Hi. I register my name at interpark with my middle name but at jyp fans only my first n last name. Will it effect me to verify silver got7 later??

  2. Hi! I’m already registered for 2nd generation last year but I think I can’t renewal my membership for 3rd generation. Do you know what will happen to my membership level at JYPE FANS?

  3. Hello! I did and had everything in your tutorial but I didn’t see my membership get update yet. I don’t know what is wrong with it because the fan website didn’t say anything. Please tell me what I did wrong?

    1. bayarnya pakai credit card ya, kalo kamu ga punya kamu bisa cek twitter @ahgasales dia bisa bantu ahgasae indonesia yg ga punya cc untuk pendaftaran igor7 3rd membership ^^

  4. tsurayya

    oh ya terus kan, aku nama di jype fansnya salah tulis malah sama kaya ID, trs pas aku sign up di interpark ga di suruh isi nama dll. jd langsung email sama pass aja. itu bakal ngaruh ga ya ke member cardnya?

  5. I am sorry to bother, but JYP has post the day of verification, and again, I did everything but keep failing. I don’t know what’s happen? JYP did say that the verification is on June 20th, 12:PM so the verification will only work on 12:PM?

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