[STARCAST-Real GOT7 Season 2] The 2nd episode, Caring Manito in the waiting room!

Finally it’s Wednesday after a long long week. The 2nd episode of <Real GOT7 Season 2> is released today!
Today is the day which GOT7 has released their ‘A’ stage to you guys for the first time. We are going to release the story of showcase scene and their first appearance in M!countdown. Are you curious of what GOT7’s waiting room would look like? You may see their waiting room full of their free images!!
Also, Manito cannot be missed out! We start the 2nd episode of <Real GOT7 Season 2> to see how they make a war in order to care their Manito at the waiting room!


Hello, everyone. This is GOT7’s leader JB. It has been a long time, right? I’m going to introduce the 2nd episode of <Real GOT7 Season 2> today! This is at the showcase waiting room of our 2nd mini-album which was placed on June 18th, 2014! Feelings are coming since the start~ Wow~ Can you see those 3 people’s sight exchange? I’m really quick-witted. What relationship would they have?


There is something that you must do before the press showcase. That is zzai! It is GOT7’s chant. We have to do this zzai in order to come down the stage with comfortable mind! Shall all of you guys do it together? G. O. T. 7. zzai! But Youngjae is not focusing~


Goddesses have visited GOT7 waiting room before the showcase! miss A’s Jia and Fei! We get strength since they give us much support and love! GOT7 is going to meet IGOT7 at the showcase with this strength!!


We look different in this picture from the upper one! Is this the before and after? GOT7 is wet with perspiration after the showcase is over. That guy who is familiar over there! Yes, he is our friend~ the very shining no.1 in KPOP STAR 3, Bernard Park. Thank you so much~!


This is the scene of our first broadcast in M!countdown. Can you see members monitoring the stage? The first broadcast is always full of tension. We study how we would show up smart by continuously looking at it.


Sha-la-la-la-la~ This is a picture of Jr. monitoring. He is really earnest when working! He’s really handsome and smart!


We came to the waiting room in order to prepare the prerecording of ‘Good Tonight’ after finishing prerecording ‘A’. Mark and BamBam are having their selfie time. Their angle seems professional, right? But they complain that their focus is wrong.



It was worth to complain for when we saw how the picture came out. Mark, what is this??


This should be the selfie, right everyone? He’s really handsome, right?


Manito event is ongoing in the waiting room~. Everyone is making a fuss to care for each other. GOT7 becoming one with Manito! They look so good. Hahaha. But you wouldn’t know who would be my Manito since I’m doing well to every member! Buy why do members feel so uncomfortable..?


This is Jackson the only one who understands me. I don’t know why he’s so good to me. He’s a friend full of affection.


We will end this 2nd episode of <Real GOT7 Season 2> with Mark’s succeeded selfie. Why Mark? Why only Mark? It’s a secret. Let’s meet in the 3rd episode. Peace!
GOT7’s Manito story will continue in the 3rd episode of <Real GOT7 Season 2> next week!


Writing/Picture =JYP Entertainment