[TRANS] 141203 GOT7 Speed Quiz @ Kiss The Radio

JB’s Speed Quiz Kiss The Radio


Recommended song: Stay – GOT7
1. Girl group that I’m most interested in these days? None
2. In my opinion, who is GOT7’s fashion terrorist? None. *
3. In my opinion, who is the most changed(for the better) member? Yugyeom. *
4. Concept I want to do in next album? funky! *
5. The point JYP PD-nim gave me during recording is? 98/100 *
6. Before 2014 ends, what is something that I have to do? *
7. My ideal type among female artists? No one, I don’t know
8. Most favorite street food? 닭꼬치 skewered chicken
9. If I were to change appearance with one member, who would it be? Junior
10. Most favorite skinship? back hug

*: He wrote something but I can’t read his handwriting and the picture is too small

Jr.’s Speed Quiz Kiss The Radio


Recommended song: MidAir – Paul Buchanan

1. Most confident body part? Shoulders
2. A book that I’ve been reading these days? The Unbearable Lightness of Being
3. If were to rearrange rooms, member I want to be roommate with? No one
4. Concept I want to do in next album? Past..
5. An impressive movie I watched? The Great Gatsby
6. My dream when I was little? I had many dreams but… president..
7. If were to act, a role I want to play as? GOT7 manager
8. Most disliked food? *
9. Age I want to get married at? 36…?
10. Most favorite color: yellow(?) *

*: I can’t read his handwriting

Mark’s Speed Quiz Kiss The Radio


1. I’m in charge of? Martial Arts Tricking
2. Most favorite Korean food? Kimchi Jjigae
3. Something I want to do in Christmas? I want to go home
4. My most favorite winter sports? snowboarding
5. Hardest Korean pronunciation to me is? I don’t know…
6. My hometown is? LA
7. If I didn’t become a singer, what would I do now? Just being a student
8. Body part that I’m most confident about? I don’t have one.
9. Reason for the last time I cried? I cried during our Japan tour
10. First thing I notice in girls? Face

Jackson’s Speed Quiz Kiss The Radio


Recommended song: Stay – GOT7

1. My favorite nicknames out of all? Wang Puppy
2. How much I have in my wallet right now? 5,000won
3. A part on my body that is especially bigger than everyone else’s? Pores
4. My dad’s job is? Fencing coach (Hongkong National Team)
5. Besides GOT7, my closest celebrity friend is? Zhoumi
6. A place I want to visit in Korea? Jejudo
7. A phrase/word I say the most? Heol~ (gasps~)
8. If GOT7 was to have a subunit, who do I want to work with? Bambam
9. If I was to be born again, who do I want to be born as? Jackson
10. Number of my relationship experiences? 3

Youngjae’s Speed Quiz Kiss The Radio


Recommended song: GOT7 – A

1. Favorite song out of all our songs? Girls Girls Girls
2. What kind of day I like? Rainy day
3. In the Korean SAT, I was the most confident in this part? …None
4. Singer I had a duet with in JYP Nation Concert? Jimin~
5. My favorite sports? billiards
6. Drink I enjoy the most at cafes? Americano~
7. Female singer I want to collab with? Ahyeon-noona
8. My sleeping place fashion(?)? Padding
9. Between ‘sexy, innocent and cute’, my preferred style is? Innocent
10. If I get a girlfriend, date I want to go on? Just walking on the street holding hands

Bambam’s Speed Quiz Kiss The Radio


Recommended song: Stay – GOT7

1. My lunch today? Korean beef (Hanwoo)
2. Christmas present I want to get? pocket money, plane ticket~♡
3. My hobby? Game, Listening to music
4. Place I want to travel to with my mom? Hawaii, Maldives
5. Celebrity I want to be close with? G-DRAGON-sunbaenim ♡
6. GOT7 member with best body in my opinion is? Wang Jackson
7. When I, Bambam was small, I shot a CF in Thailand. What food did I have to have? Milk, chicken, candy
8. If I were to get a vacation, what I want to do is? I want to go to my hometown♡
9. My waist size? 28
10. My role model is? G-DRAGON♡

Yugyeom’s Speed Quiz Kiss The Radio


Recommended song: Stay – GOT7

1. Scariest hyung? No one
2. My birthday? 1997/11/17
3. My favorite song these days? Chris Brown – Drunk texting
4. Food I want to eat right now? Samgyupsal
5. My actual height, not from profile? the same 181cm
6. If I have a girlfriend, couple items I want to have? Couple rings
7. Something I must do before going to sleep? Setting alarm
8. If I were a girl, a member I would date is? Mark?
9. Color of underwear I’m wearing right now? Red
10. School I’m going to is? Hanlim Arts High School

Source: SUKIRA

Translation by: 0903yes (1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

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