“Thank You Leader“ JB’s Birthday project #23YearsWithDefJB

“Thank You Leader“ Project

As we announced before, we have prepared three projects to celebrate JB’s 22nd Bday

But first of all, we would like to say thank you to all Ahgasaes who participated in this project. We’re so grateful ^^

and now… we will show the project :

#1st Project : Video Message “Thank You Leader”

we collected all the video messages from ahgasaes around the world, compile all the videos, and burn to a DVD.


#2nd Project : Message card “Thank You Leader”

we collected all the message cards from ahgasaes around the world and compile it to a scrapbook.





#3rd Project : Birthday Gift from Indonesian Ahgasaes

“Thank you so much for indonesian ahgasaes who sent your gift for JB to us =]”



“Thank you to all donators to make this successful project.
we really tried our best to choose special gifts for JB”

(Thanks to Anggraini Nur, Nella, Endah Widiyani, Gita, Corry)




We have already sent the video, scrapbook, and all the gifts to Korea through defjayb ^^

Hope JB will happily received our gifts.


Thank you defjayb and abimabima for your help and support for this project.

Thank you to Ahgasaes who participated the project


Thank You Ahgasaes

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[VIDEO] [ENGSUB] 150104 KBS World Radio GOT7’s Backstage Chat



Cr. Kissdatbam



JB: KBS World Radio listeners…
All: Got7! Hello, we’re Got7.

This question is from Maria Nunes in Peru. The three members of Got7 that grew up outside of Korea can all speak Korean well. Any tips for people trying to learn Korean?

Bambam: You need to speak a lot. And make lots of Korean friends to improve your Korean quickly. That’s because with a lot of Korean friends, you have more opportunities to practice speaking.
Mark: Or come to Korea for a few years.
Yes, that’s true. You need to live here.
Jackson: Don’t stress out if you can’t speak Korean well in the beginning. Don’t be afraid, just speak anyway. Say stuff that doesn’t even make sense. Just speak. Whatever you want. Mistakes? Make them! Okay? Just speak.

Question from Carol Paola Martinez. Where is your safe haven when feeling tired or stressed after work?

JB: I don’t get tired or stressed, but every once in awhile…I go to public bathhouses that we have here in Korea. Because we have public bathhouses and saunas, I go and sweat it all out.
Jackson: JB, that’s how you de-stress?
JB: Yes, I occasionally do that.
Jr.: Jackson, you’re from Hong Kong. How do people de-stress in Hong Kong?
Jackson: Why ask a question not even on the script? You just made a question that wasn’t even on the script. In Hong Kong, when feeling stressed, just…just…talking it out with a friend is the best method. Right?

This question is from Kaki Wong in Peru. When looking at a girl, what part do you notice first?

JB: When looking at a girl…
Jackson: Honestly! Honestly! Be honest!
JB: Yes, honestly…
Jr: I look at her heart.
Jackson: Shut it.
Mark: One’s passing by over there.
Yu-gyeom: How do you look at one’s heart?
Jr.: Just like this…
JB: For me, I look at her face and how well I think she and I would get along. And above all, just her overall attractiveness. If she catches my eye.
Jackson: If a girl [quickly] passes by!
JB: Yeah, even then, you can see points of her charm or attractiveness.
Jackson: You can’t see charm.
JB: Why not? Why can’t you?
Jackson: For me, honestly, I don’t want to lie. You know, all guys are the same.
I scan her from head to toe and then back up. I’m honest. This isn’t bad.

A Spanish broadcast listener, Laura Lopez, sent in a question. While dorming together, do you guys encounter conflicts stemming from cultural differences? Share any funny stories or experiences.

Bambam: There aren’t any cultural differences.
Jackson: Now. There are none now.
Bambam: Yes, there aren’t any now.
Jr.: Were there any before?
Bambam: Just the occasional mistakes in Korean.
Jr.: Ah~ making mistakes to the hyungs? (* “hyung” refers to what guys call other older guys, older brother)
Bambam: Ah~ No, not that.
Jackson: When dorming, there was a time when someone ate my chicken wing and wouldn’t confess, even til the very end. That was really shocking for me.
JB: Ah~ Okay, so what happened was, I ate the chicken wing. I ate it, but I was sure it was my wing. But he kept insisting it was his wing. So I replied, “I ate my chicken wing, but why do you keep insisting otherwise?” and it became an argument.
Jackson: Like this to one another.
JB: In the end, neither of them admitted they were wrong. But the wrongdoer was Bambam. Because he ate Jackson’s chicken wing. But he didn’t say it at this point.
Yu-gyeom: Bambam was too scared to say anything for awhile after that. And then we were in the car going somewhere…
Bambam: Yes, I confessed two months later. That I ate it.
JB: From then on, wherever we go, all they talk about is that chicken wing.
Bambam: Every time he brings it up, I feel sorry. Really. I always feel really bad.
Jr.: All’s well that ends well.
Bambam: It was yummy.
Jackson: Because of that, I think my relationship with our leader grew distant.
Bambam: Because of a chicken wing.
JB: It’s true. We drifted apart.
Jackson: I wish you’d do better from now on.
JB: Do better? You do better.
Jackson: We have to live together for the next six years.
JB: Pointing fingers! You shouldn’t point fingers. I was right because you pointed fingers.

A listener from Bahrain, Haifa, sent a question. What was the most unique gift you received from a fan?

Yu-gyeom: I received a mirror ball (disco ball) that I always turn on in my room.
Bambam: Ah it’s really nice!
Yu-gyeom: If I don’t turn on that mirror ball…I wasn’t always like this, but after always turning it on, now if it’s off, I have scary dreams. It’s happened a few times actually.
Bambam: What about Jr.?
Jr.: Me? I got a big doll. It’s really big. I have to have it by me when I sleep.
Yu-gyeom: Does it protect you?
Jr.: No. I hold it warmly when I sleep. Like this.
Yu-gyeom: Ah~ ok. Got it.

For the three non-native Korean members, could you recommend a Korean dish for our international fans?

Jackson: Just one just one!
Mark: One? Then I pick kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew).
Yu-gyeom: Two is fine.
Jackson: No. I’m only going to pick one too.
Bambam: I think a lot of Thai people will like this. Sweet potato and kimchi! IT’s so good.
Yu-gyeom: Ah~ It’s the perfect combination!
Jackson: What?
Bambam: Sweet potato and kimchi.
Yu-gyeom: If you eat them together, it’s really delicious.
Jackson: No, no.
Bambam: It’s the best!
Jackson: Ah, okay. Samgyeopsal (Korean-style thick bacon)! Okay?
Bambam: But can’t you eat samgyeopsal even in Hong Kong?
Jackson: It’s the best in Korea.

Next question! It became a hot topic when it was revealed that Jackson used to be a former fencing athlete for the Hong Kong national team. We’re curious about the other members’ past experiences.

Jackson: Question! It sounds like a question for me.
JB: You dodged this bullet.
Yu-gyeom: One at a time! Jr,. what did you do in the past?
Jr.: Me? I was just a student. I danced and did performances in Busan, then audtitioned for JYP and became a JYP trainee.
Yu-gyeom: Same for me, I was just the average student that also danced.
Young-jae: I was the soccer rep for my school in the past.
Jackson: He’s really good at soccer!
Young-jae: For fun. I played soccer and somehow ended up here.
JB: For me, I would dance in the subway and became a member of a dancing crew.
Jackson: CREW~
JB: Yeah, I participated in competitions and then auditioned and made it into JYP.
Yu-gyeom: Now, Bambam?
Bambam: Yes, I was underground. I also used to be active in Thailand.
JB: Active in what?
Bambam: I shot commercials in Thailand. Ah~ I’ll brag a little. I shot 9 commercials in Thaialnd.
Yu-gyeom: That’s why you were so rich!
Bambam: No! But yes, I shot nine.
Jr.: Bambam, do you have ambitions in acting?
Bambam: Yes! Of course. But right now, Got7 is most important. I dodged that bullet well!~
Yu-gyeom: Lastly, Mark!
Mark: Yes, for me, I was just in America…
Yu-gyeom: You studied hard right?
Mark: Yes, I was a student and just hung out with my friends.
Yu-gyeom: Free man

JB: KBS World Radio listeners~
Please show our song “Stop Stop It” a lot of love. We hope to show you only our best so please cheer us on.
We have been Got7! Thank you!
Bambam: Thank you, KBS World Radio!

Source: KBS World Radio Channel, world.kbs.co.kr