[REPORT] “My Love, Jinyoung“ Junior’s 22nd Birthday Project #MyLoveJuniorDay

 “My Love, Jinyoung“ Project  to Celebrate Junior’s 22nd Birthday

presented by JJTheNoonas

******UPDATE 1*******

The Following is the name of the foster children


******UPDATE 2*******

Jinyoung is wearing the T-shirt from Tasha (@jinhaes) on “MPDxMAMA 2015 GOT7 SelfCamera Vid”

Congratzz girl.. We’re so happy for you ^^

And Now pls Join JB’s Birthday project ^^ –> HERE





As we announced before, we have prepared three projects to celebrate Junior’s 22nd Birthday

First of all, we would like to say thank you to all Ahgasaes who participated in this project. We’re so grateful ^^

Now… we will show the project :

#1st Project : Donation to GN-OTA

The National Movement for Foster Parents (GN-OTA) is a national initiative to help thousands of Indonesia’s children to continue their education. By joining and becoming a foster parent, you can ensure a child stays in school thus also providing them a solid foundation for a better future. With minimum of 250,000 IDR/year, foster parent can give a chance  for a better future to one child, and hopefully can help them to graduate from elementary school.

On September 3rd, 2015 we donated 1,500,000 IDR to GN-OTA for Tuition fee aid for 6 foster childs for 2016/2017 school year, in the name of “Park Jinyoung” as the foster parent. 

Receipt from GN-OTA 


Since our donation will be hand over to the foster childs at the beginning of school year (2016/2017) next year, we are sorry cannot attach the foster childs picture now, we will update the pictures next year.

Thank you for all the donaturs and all IGOT7 who support us by buying our fan goods.
Thank you for did a good things together ^^


#2nd Project : 사랑하는 진영아 (My Love, Jinyoung) Book

We collected all the message cards from ahgasaes around the world and compile it to a scrapbook.

Here’s the sample of some page in My Love, Jinyoung book.



#3rd Project : Gifts from Indonesian IGOT7

We collected gift for Junior from Indonesian IGOT7. Thank you so much for indonesian ahgasaes who sent your gift for Junior to us.

Gift from Indonesian IGOT7



We have already sent the receipt of donation, scrapbook, and all the gifts to Korea through Take A Bow ^^ and hopefully Junior will happy received our gifts.


Special Thanks to Take A Bow for passing the gift to Junior and Yugyeom Hyung for the cute fan art to support our fan goods

Thank you to All Ahgasaes who participated & contributed to this project



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