[PROJECT][ENG] GOT7 JB’s 23rd Birthday : “Love Confession for JB”

Love Confession for JB

Impercetibly, 1 year has passed since our “Thank You Leader” Birthday project. Many of you joined the project last year and now here’s this year JB’s Birthday project.



JJTHENOONAS will collect letters and will send it to south korea thorugh @def_jayb. write your love confession for JB, And don’t forget to include “I LOVE YOU JB” in your message ^^

Confess your love to JB : HERE


JJTHENOONAS will collect gifts from indonesian IGOT7 and will send it to south korea thorugh @def_jayb.

DO’s and DON’Ts for Gifts:

  1. No Food and Beverages.
  2. No Fragile Things.
  3. Max Weight per person: 2kg.


  1. We will check every letter and gift before we send it to Korea. So please make it simple giftwrap.
  2. EMS fee will be distributed fairly according to your package weight.
  3. Please send your gift ahead of time, because all the gifts should have arrived at our headquarters by (the latest) 20th Dec 2015. Later than that. we will return your gifts.
  4. We will gift you detail address via email, so send us an email first before you send the gift. Subject: “Individual Gift”. With format :Name/Twitter username/Email/No. HP./Items.



As ahgasaes know, GOT7 member, JB included, are all animal lovers. But do you know basically the number of cats in Indonesia, Particularly Jakarta, are almost as much as the human population ? Many of them are left, thrown, live a poor life, and abandon. JJN found a perfect organization that helps and rescue the abandon domestic animals, including cats called Jakarta Animal Aid Network.

Jakarta Animal Aid Network otherwise known as JAAN was established in February 2008 by Femke den Haas, Karin Franken and Natalie Stewart as a central place people could contact/report cases of animal abuse or find out information about animal welfare in Indonesia.

JAAN operates solely on donations from individuals and does not receive any financial support from the government. One of Jakarta Animal Aid Network section is Domestic Welfare, includes everything that we do to help domestic animals for example Dog and Cat Adoption, ‘Dogs Are Not Food’ campaign, our Cat Sterilization Drives and emergency rescues.

So how can we help them?
JAAN handle thousands of cases per year and although they never like to say ‘no’ to any animal sometimes it proves quite difficult to help them all. JAAN basic every day expenses include; Veterinary Care as many of the animals are found in very bad conditions and need surgery, special diets etc. At our main shelter we have over 50 dogs and 20 cats. This is where we would like to donate on JB’s name for his birthday present.

You can send your donation to :
REKENING BCA : 0662681014 (a.n: Resty Nurhayati)
(*for minimum 100.000 IDR donation you can get special notes from JJN)

please send us an email after you made a transfer to : jjthenoonas@gmail.com with subject: JAAN DONATION

Name/Phone Number/Amount/Attach your proof transaction

to see all JAAN campaign and programs please go to their website http://www.jakartaanimalaid.com/ or,

you can check and follow their Instagram @Jaan_Indonesia and Twitter: @Jaan_Indonesia


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