[PROJECT] Jinyoung’s 23rd Birthday Project “Unimpeachable Love”


September 22nd is near ^0^ and you know what special day it is right IGOT7 ??? YES !!! It’s our lovely GOT7 Park Jinyoung birthday. This year theme is Unimpeachable Love“.

What project do we have for this year ?
Let’s check it out!

  • Unimpeachable Love Message Book (Worldwide)

JJTHENOONAS will collect letters and compile it into a book. We will send the message book to Jinyoung through Korea Fansite Take A Bow. Write your message and don’t forget to include “IGOT7 only Love GOT7” in your message ^^.

Write your message to Junior : HERE

Deadline : 5th Sept, 2016

  • Book package donation to Wahana Visi Indonesia (Indonesia only)

Well of course we, as Jinyoung’s fans, know for sure that reading is one of his hobby. For that, as his birthday project this year, JJTheNoonas will donate books package to our dearest younger brother in Elementary School in Sekadau, West Borneo, through “Wahana Visi Indonesia” in the name of Park Jinyoung.
>> for more information about “Wahana Visi Indonesia” you can go to their website http://www.wvindonesia.org/

One book package will only cost you 100.000 IDR


How to donate?

You can transfer your donation to us :
BCA : 0662681014 (a.n: Resty Nurhayati)

please send us an email after you made a transfer to : jjthenoonas@gmail.com with subject: BOOKS PACKAGE DONATION

Name/Phone Number/Amount/Attach your proof transaction

No such thing as minimum or maximum donation. We need as much books as possible to donate ^^
~ but we do have a special gift from JJN (bookmark and notes) for ahgasaes who donated >= 150.000 IDR

Donation Period
August 2nd 2016 ~ September 12th 2016

Let’s do something good for our lovely Park Jinyoung again this year ^0^


Hi IGOT7 Indonesia, ga terasa 22 September udh sebentar lagi ^0^ dan kalian tau kan ada apa tgl 22 September ?? YES !!! Ulang tahun salah satu member GOT7 yaitu Park Jinyoung 😍.  Tema tahun ini yaitu, Unimpeachable Love“.

Kira-kira projeknya apa saja ya?

  • Unimpeachable Love Message Book (Worldwide)

JJTHENOONAS akan mengumpulkan surat dari ahgasaes dan menyatukannya menjadi sebuah buku. Kami akan mengirimkan message book ini ke Jinyoung melalui fansite korea yaitu Take A Bow. Silahkan tulis pesan kalian untuk Jinyoung dan jangan lupa untuk memasukkan kalimat “IGOT7 only Love GOT7” di pesan kalian^^.

Tulis pesan kalian di link berikut : HERE

  • Book package donation to Wahana Visi Indonesia (Indonesia only)

Kalian pasti tau kan kalo Jinyoung itu suka banget baca. Jadi, untuk ulang tahun Jinyoung tahun ini, JJTheNoonas akan mendonasikan paket buku untuk adik2 kita yg bersekolah di SD daerah Sekadau, Kalimantan Barat melalui Wahana Visi Indonesia, atas nama Park Jinyoung.
>> untuk informasi lengkap tentang Wahana Visi Indonesia kalian bisa lgsg ke web mereka y http://www.wvindonesia.org/

Satu paket buku itu nilai nya Rp 100.000

Gimana cara nya ?
Donasi bisa kalian lakukan dgn transfer ke :

BCA : 0662681014 (a.n: Resty Nurhayati)

Setelah itu tolong kirimkan ke kami bukti transfer kalian ke: jjthenoonas@gmail.com with subject: BOOKS PACKAGE DONATION

Nama/No. Hp/Jumlah donasi/Lampirkan bukti transfer

Tidak ada minimal atau maksimal brp donasi yg bs kalian kasih ya.
~ special gift dr JJN yaitu bookmark dan notes junior utk kalian yg berdonasi >= Rp 150.000

Periode Donasi
2 Agustus 2016 ~ 12 September 2016

Let’s do something good for our lovely Park Jinyoung again this year ^0^


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