[REPORT] “Unimpeachable Love“ Jinyoung’s 23rd Birthday Project #PrinceJinyoungDay

 “Unimpeachable Love“ Project  to Celebrate Jinyoung’s 23rd Birthday

presented by JJTheNoonas


As we announced before, we have prepared 2 projects to celebrate Jinyoung’s 23rd Birthday

First of all, we would like to say thank you to all Ahgasaes who participated in this project. We’re so grateful ^^

#1st Project : Book package donation to Wahana Visi Indonesia

Well of course we, as Jinyoung’s fans, know for sure that reading is one of his hobby. For that, as his birthday project this year, JJTheNoonas will donate books package to our dearest younger brother in Elementary School in Sekadau, West Borneo, through “Wahana Visi Indonesia” in the name of Park Jinyoung.

On September 19th, 2016 we donated 940922 IDR to Wahana Visi Indonesia for books package donation, in the name ofPark Jinyoungas Donatur. 


Thank you for did a good things together ^^


#2nd Project: Unimpeachable Love Message Book

We collected all the message from ahgasaes around the world and compile it to a scrapbook.

We have already sent the message book to Korea through Take A Bow and hopefully Jinyoung will happy received it and reading our message ^^.


And here’s the sample of some page in “Unimpeachable Love” book.


Special Thanks to Take A Bow for passing the book to Jinyoung 

Thank you to All Ahgasaes who participated & contributed to this project



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