[TRANS] 170303 Jinyoung +

[TRANS] 170303 Jinyoung +



170303 Jinyoung Chat on VLive+  (Korean part):






who am i?

You’re very curious aren’t you?

If I go right know, you will know who is it

Bye~~^^ I will be back soon! I have something to do^^ I have to go now

I have to go!

I should go..

Just thought of you, so i came in

I’ll be back!


Do you still don’t know this person who just came earlier??

I’m jinyoung or..

Everyone just says it’s Jinyoung kk

who^^ I’m a friend who came yesterday



What are you doing guys?

what did you do

Oh kk study kkkk

Me too i ate something

jinyoung oppa

First work (refer to ‘nunbal’ movie) congrats.. congrats..

Seems like everyone is busy^^

Good job guys^^

What song that you looking forward to?

i ate korean food

Never ever~! so amazing~ (yugyeom)

paradise^^ thank you

thank you

Yugyeom is not here.. I just copied him

no yugyeom lol

Guys, I have to go now!^^ bye~! bye guys~! i have to go!

I will come again~!

zai jian~

Source: GOT7’s V App

trans by jjthenoonas


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