[SNS] 170309 – 170310 Instagram update – Jinyoung

170309 Nunbal PD’s Instagram – Jinyoung

Myung Films Art Center GV
A meaningful conversation that last for a long time!

#nunbal#jiwoo #got7jinyoung #MyungFilmsArtCenter #Paju #GV

The Last GV along with you
Thank you for your great support!😍
At the flower garden, thanks to the wonderful actors.

#nunbal#jiwoo #got7jinyoung #LotteCinema #Worldtower #GV

DL Pics here: 1, 2

170309 Magazine M’s Instagram – Jinyoung

Feb 2016, Actor Park Jinyoung in the middle of <nunbal> filming
#Faintbecauseitwascute 🙊
Magazine M No. 203
#Nunbal #Jinyoung Interview 🎬

DL Pics here: 1

170310 Magazine M’s Instagram – Jinyoung

DL Pics here: 2, 3

170310 Mungfilms’s Instagram – Jinyoung

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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