[Tutorial] How to Register for Official Fan Club IGOT7 4th Generation

[Tutorial] How to Register for Official Fan Club IGOT7 4th Generation


Step 1

Since JYPE not using Interpark anymore for the 4th Generation, you need to sign up for Melon Ticket first. Sign up here: Melon Ticket

Step 2

4TH GEN_170523_0010

  • Select the ticket, change the order to “1”, then click next

4TH GEN_170523_0009

  • Click next and you have to fill the delivery/Costumer information form.
  • The total amount is depend on where you will ship the cards.


  • Please kindly check everything before check out!
  • Enter the card information, then submit your order.


You’ve succeeded order the ticket!

4TH GEN_170523_0002

Go to My ticket, to check your ticket number.


You need to Input your ticket number to FAN’s during the verification period to verify your silver Membership (JYPE will announce the verification period later, so you need to wait).

Step 4


Once again, you’ve to wait until JYPE annouce the verification period. If you haven’t sign up on Fan’s, You can do this step first while waiting for JYPE announce the verification period.

  • Go to FANS
  • Log In



How to know that u are already verified as Official?

1. Your membership will change from USER_I GOT7 to SILVER / GOLD I GOT7.

3. There is a special  lounge  for I GOT7 only,, only official fans can access the page.


Thank You!

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