[REPORT] Jinyoung’s 24th Birthday “Path Towards You” #PrinceJinyoungDay

[REPORT] Jinyoung’s 24th Birthday “Path Towards You” #PrinceJinyoungDay

First of all, Thank you for always inspire us do goods for others.

Impercetibly, 1 year has passed since our “Unimpeachable Love” Birthday project. Many of you joined the project last year. To celebrate Jinyoung’s 24th birthday, as our yearly project, this time too, JJTHENOONAS will have a project to show our love and support for Jinyoungie❤️

What project do we have for this year?

1. Donation to chosen organization 

On September 22 2017, we donated 1,700,922 IDR to Bukudonasi.com in the name of “Park Jinyoung” as Donatur. 



2. Scrapbook to Jinyoung

We collected all the message from ahgasaes around the world and compile it to a scrapbook. We have already sent the message book to Korea through Take A Bow and hopefully Jinyoung will happy received it and reading our message ^^.



Lastly, Thank you to Ahgasaes who participated & contributed to this project.