[Trans] K-Boy Paradise Vol.15 (Nov 2014, Issue)


Translation by : Synesthesia | Scan by : M&M

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[Trans] K-Boy Paradise Vol.15: JB – 7 Q&As

♫ JB ♫

7 questions from Fans => GOT7
Each member will give their honest answers to the 7 questions sent from fans!

Q1. Which habit of a member do you think is cute? Otherwise, a weird habit from the member?
A. Youngjae → His sleeping posture/habit.
Q2. What is your favorite Japanese phrase?
A. “Shiawase ♡” (Happiness)

Q3. If you were about to play a prank on a member, who would it be and what would you say?
A. Jackson → I will treat Jackson as if he was an invisible man.

Q4. Who do you think is having a bad sleeping posture? Is there anyone talking in their sleep?
A. Youngjae → He sings in his sleep.
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