Jackson Profile


Name: Jackson Wang Jia Er (王嘉尔)

Stage Name: Jackson (Hangul: 잭슨)

Birthday: March 28, 1994

Height: 174 cm (~5’8”)

Weight: 63 kg (~139 lbs)


Education: completed 11th grade at American International School

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: dance, rap, beatbox

Specialty: fencing

Ideal Type: a woman who is healthy and attractive

Favorite Foods: chocolate, hamburger, dim sum, carbonara, chicken

Favorite Musicians: Dr. Dre, G-unit (50 Cent & Lloyd Banks)

Position: Rapper, Dancer

Instagram: jacksonwangjy


Member of the national team for fencing in Hong Kong (sabre)

1st Place in Asia Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship (2011)


He Says: Hello.  This is Jackson. I am in charge of the group’s rap and martial arts tricking.  Before coming to Korea, I was a fencer in the national team of Hong Kong, and it has been about 2 and a half years since I came to Korea.  I think of our debut as the beginning.  I want to work harder from now on and show everyone my true colors through better music.  Please look forward to it and give us a lot of love in the future.  I love you!!

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Yugyeom Profile


Name: Kim Yoogyeom (김유겸)

Stage Name: Yoogyeom

Birthday: November 17, 1997

Height: 180 cm (~5’11”)

Weight: 64 kg (~141 lbs)


Education: enrolled for street dance in Hallim High School of Performing Arts

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: dance, singing

Specialty: street dance

Ideal Type: a woman who has a whimsical charm while standing

Favorite Foods: sam gyup sal (grilled pork belly), bulgogi (grilled marinated beef) in an earthen bowl, chicken, kimbab

Favorite Musician: Chris Brown

Position: Vocal, Dancer, Rapper


2nd Place in the Adrenaline House Dance Battle (2011)


Yoogyeom Says: Hello! I am the maknae that does not look like a maknae, Kim Yoogyeom, and am in charge of the group’s dance, singing and rap.  I like dancing and feel most confidence in street dancing.  I am really happy that I get to debut with the hyungs and friends who trained and sweated with me for a while.  I always used to say habitually that it was my dream for us to debut together; I am so happy this dream came true and am thankful towards everyone, including my group.  I will always be happy and glad in my desire to walk the path of a singer forever from now on!  And in a modest way, I will do my best in everything.  Please watch over us~! ^^

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Bambam Profile


Name: Kunpimook Bhuwakul

Stage Name: BamBam (Hangul: 뱀뱀)

Birthday: May 2, 1997

Height: 170 cm (~5’6”)

Weight: 52 kg (~114 lbs)


Education: enrolled in Pramoch Wittaya Ramindra School

Blood Type: B

Hobbies: listening to music

Specialty: dancing

Ideal Type: a woman who is pretty when she smiles

Favorite Foods: cheeseburger, ddom yang kkoong

Favorite Musician: GD

Position: Rapper

Instagram: bambam1a


1st place in ‘Rain Cover Dance’ Thailand (2007)

2nd place in ‘LG Entertainer’ Thailand (2010)

KFC CF (2010)

‘Ohwantin Milk’ CF Thailand (2011)

Film ‘Fairy Tale Killer’ Hong Kong (2012)


BamBam Says: Hello. I am BamBam who wants to become a world star like Rain sunbaenim. I am in charge of the rap in my team. I also think that I am the cutest member in my team.^^ It feels like a dream to be able to make my debut. I will show a hard-working image. GOT7 hwaiting~!!

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Youngjae Profile


Name: Choi Young Jae (최영재)

Stage Name: YoungJae

Birthday: September 17, 1996

Height: 175 cm (~5’8”)

Weight: 59 kg (~130 lbs)


Education: Enrolled in Korea Art High School

Blood Type: B

Hobbies: piano

Specialty: singing

Ideal Type: a woman who I am attracted to

Favorite Foods: I like everything except cucumbers

Favorite Musicians: Elliott Yamin, Javier

Position: Lead Vocal


YoungJae Says: Hello. I’m Youngjae who’s from Mokpo. I am the powerful lead vocal. It’s been seven months since entering JYP and I am the last member to join the team. It feels like a dream to be able to debut and I am joyful that the dream has come to life. It is just the beginning and I will become GOT7’s Youngjae who works hard to fulfill my dreams. Hwaiting!

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Mark Profile


Name: Mark Yl-En Tuan

Stage Name: Mark (Hangul: 마크)

Birthday: September 4, 1993

Height: 175 cm (~ 5’ 9”)

Weight: 59 kg (~ 130 lbs)

Education: completed 10th grade in Arcadia High School (California)

Blood Type: A


Hobbies: skateboarding, snowboarding

Specialty: martial arts tricking

Ideal Type: a girl who makes me want to be with her

Favorite Food: hamburger, meat

Favorite Musician: Chris Brown, Drake, ASAP Rocky, Tyga

Instagram: mark_tuan


KT Olleh CF (2011)


He Says: Hello.  I am Mark. I came from Los Angeles in America and am diligently studying Korean. I may be a ‘baby face’, but I am the oldest in the group and in charge of flying around and being the foreigner. Like Kanye West, whom I really like, I want to become a singer, with cool music and stylish fashion, that many people want to emulate, as well as an artist that will lead a generation. From here on, look forward to us on stage!

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Jr.’s Profile

Name: Jr. (주니어) | Park Jin Young

Date of Birth: 1994.09.22

Height: 178cm

Weight: 63kg

Education: Graduated Kyunggi High School

Blood Type: O Type

Interest: Watching movies and theater, taking a walk, piano

Specialty: Dancing

Ideal Type: A woman who trusts me and she’s smiles with her teeth are shown

Favorite Foods: Hamburger, Pizza, Meat

Favorite Musician: Justin Timberlake, Usher, Michael Buble.


1. JYPE Trainee Open Recruitment 5th Audition 1st (2009)

2. KBS2 [Dream High2] (2012)

3. JJ Project Single Album (2012)

4. MBC Drama [When a Man falling in Love] (2013)

Jr. Says: Hello everyone. It’s GOT7’s Jr. Park Jin Young. Though during JJ Project’s activity promotions I took in charge of rapping and cute charm image, but now I am in charge of dancing and singing as well as the role of a light energy charger in our team. It’s starting now. I will be the Jr. (Junior) who works hard endlessly. Be sure to stay tuned and take care of us!

9 10

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Translated by: followGOT7

JB’s Profile

Name: JB (제이비) | Im Jae Bum

Date of Birth: 1994.01.06

Height: 179cm

Weight: 66kg

Education: Konkuk University (건국대학교) And Film Student

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Bus Travel, Watching Movies, Airing, Find Place Around, Taking Picture

Specialty: B-Boying

Ideal Match: Caught In My Eyes And Cute

Favorite Food: Stew

Favorite Musicians: D’angelo


1. JYPE Trainee Open Recruitment 5th Audition 1st (2009)

2. KBS2 [Dream High2] (2012)

3. JJ Project Single Album (2012)

4. MBC Drama [When a Man falling in Love] (2013)

JB Say: Hello Everyone. I am JB. My real name is Lim Jae-Bum. I will take charge of the GOT’s team leader and the lead vocal. As a bonus, I’m also in charge of Chic (elegant & stylish) image.^^ 
I came in 1st place in JYP 2009 audition!! 
After it’s been 4 years of hard work & preparation, I debuted earlier than my fellow members through [Dream High 2] which was before the release of JJ Project album.
Despite the weaknesses we have, we will guide each other’s and help out up to the end to be a successful team. As well, I’d constantly belief that the team will get along together and go well as seeing GOT7 is just like a family. We are GOT7 yea! Please take care of us. Thank You!



Official Photo: © JYPEntertainment | via: Naver Music

Translated by: followGOT7