[Article] 170310 Magazine M Interview – GOT7 Jinyoung

170310 Magazine M Interview : Park Jinyoung from Visual to Emotional Acting!


Talking about his character in his new movie, Nunbal, Park Jinyoung said “i read the script and i feel so sad”. He feels like he found himself in Minsik. “When i was in junior high, i got in to JYPE. I moved to Seoul from Jinhae – Changwon, Gyeomgsangnam-do. Everyone in Seoul off course has seoul accent. I felt as awkward as i’m in another country. And i have to smile in my uncertainty about my debut time. I always smile awkwardly in front of my friends. And that’s when i feel like i don’t even know myself, just like Minsik. So i feel my heart hurts for him.”

But that thought disappear after he red the script and talked to his acting teacher. “He told me that it was just a script and i have to learn to be that character”, that’s what the teacher told him. “I feel like i’ll fit in Minsik and i gain a little confident to take that role after talking to the director Jo Jaemin.” When asked about playing the role that has similar character to him, “We (Minsik and I) have so much in common, so yeah i thought it’ll be much easier. But turned out, it was so much harder. When you get the role who has totally different character with yourself, you can explore and play it as much as you want. But in reality, i tend to get to overthink and also there were so many moments where i doubt myself. And being Minsik, it gives me time to rethink myself too.”


Jinyoung also said about finding new aspect in his career. “I want to find something new in my acting and singing career. Every activity in my career is where i have to learn new things. I heard some advice not a while ago ‘You don’t try to do something, and don’t try to learn’. I kept thinking about those words. I still couldn’t understand 100% and i wonder will i ever understand if i keep going on and keep learning. I want to see my own journey till the end”

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