[TRANS] 141022 GOT7 Rankingbox Interview


141022 GOT7 Rankingbox Interview


「We’re a group that is honest and carries a healthy and vigorous image. 」
Q: You had a showcase last Apr. 4 at Ryougoku Kokugikan where your seniors in the same company, 2PM, went to before. Looking back at it now, what kind of impression did it leave you?
JB: I was very nervous. It left me an impression of fresh feeling. Anyway, it was the first step to our Japanese activities so I wanted to do my best. And I realized that I have to study Japanese more.

Q: During that day, the MC was all in Japanese, right? Even though it was before debut, I really think it was amazing.
Jr: It’s natural that we should speak in Japanese.
Mark: We started learning Japanese since our Korean debut.
Yugyeom: Of course we’re also using textbooks but while in class, we also watch Japanese dramas. Even on regular days, we read Japanese manga and watch anime. I’ve watched this drama called “Yo nimo kimyou na monogatari (Tales of the Unusual)” and I really love this series.
Jr: This drama called “Shitsuren Chocolatier” was good too.
Bambam: I like SMAP and TEMPURA KIDZ!
Jr: w-inds. is cool too, right
Mark: Kimura Takuya, Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun are great too.
JB: Matsumoto Jun is good, right. And also Odagiri Joe. I also like music not just dramas.
Jackson: Cocorico’s Endo is also good. And the “No-laughing” series of “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! (Downtown’s ‘This is no task for kids!!)” is very funny.

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