[SNS] 150115 GOT7 Official Weibo update

#第29届金唱片大赏# 谢谢大家的支持,GOT7在昨天的金唱片大赏上获得了新人奖和最具爱心奖️ BamBam和有谦虽遗憾未能出席,但7位成员的心一直和I GOT7在一起!谢谢!

“#The29thGoldenDiscAwards Thanks everyone’s support, yesterday GOT7 received the Best Rookie Awards Even though it was unfortunately that Bambam and Yugyeom couldn’t attend, but all 7 members heart are always with IGOT7! Thank you!”

Translated CHI-ENG by GOT7FancafeCHN

Source: GOT7Official Weibo

[PIC] 150105-150109 GOT7’s message on Weibo


“Love you guys”

“곧 타이베이,홍콩,상하이에서 뵈요~”

“See you soon in Taipei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai”

“요즘 많이 추워요 따뜻하게 입고 다니셔야해요^^ Love you”

“It’s very cold these days, dressed warmly when you go out^^ Love you”

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