[SNS] 170316 Instagram + Twitter update: JB, Jinyoung

[IG] 170316 jypentertainment instagram update

Download the picture : Here

Thanks to Ahgasae who gave us a lot of support, the first broadcast ended well♡
really thank you for came early in the morning ^—-^
We will take a break tomorrow and let’s meet at UFO TOWN in the evening!
#GOT7 #FLIGHTLOG #ARRIVAL #NeverEver #Ahgasae #Thankyou  #♡

[IG] 170316 oneday.insep ig update

JB & JINYOUNG, b cut. urbanlike 2016 f/w.

[IG] 170316 kbsgayo instagram update

Now! At Park Jiyoon’s Gayo plaza!
GOT7 with the new song ‘Never Ever’
Join us~

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[VIDEO] [LIST] GOT7 ‘Fly’ Stage at Mnet Mcountdown

[160324] GOT7 Stage at Mnet Mcountdown


Source: Mnet (K-Pop)PlayMnetCh. MPD, Vello Flora, helloflora